AuCar Infiniti Q50 Android screen module integrated with Intouch and Carplay-Development road.

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The Infiniti Q50 Android screen module integrated with Intouch which also supports wireless Carplay is one of the many developments by AuCar who have been developing infotainment solutions for high end vehicles for several years now. Several happy customers are enjoying Aucar infotainment units worldwide and hugely appreciate the high quality electronics, robust components, ease of integration with the vehicles original systems and an excellent after sales service. Besides developing such solutions AuCar also works on continuously enhancing their existing units and upgrading them with the latest technology.

Improvised models of the Infiniti Q50 Android screen were launched over the years. The latest MK5 Tesla Style vertical unit released in April 2021 has been loaded with the latest features and enhanced technologies presenting a fully power packed experience. Aucar has worked through several upgradations beginning from the MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4 and finally the latest MK5 unit.  

First Generation MK1 Unit

In January of 2018, the team at AuCar commenced developing the first-generation Infiniti Q50 android screen infotainment system, called the first-generation MK1 Tesla style Android radio for Infiniti Q50. In the early stages, the team had two possible solutions, one of them was to retain the original features of the car’s existing system and the other was to develop an altogether independent entertainment unit for the Q50.

The engineering team discussed both the solutions internally. The first solution was most favored and chose as the way forward. It also meant keeping up with AuCar’s commitment to providing the best in car infotainment technology which is easy to install and integrates well with existing stock features. After conducting a user survey the team was more confident because majority of respondents wanted an Android™ system without sacrificing the stock features of the infotainment system in the Infiniti Q50. This also meant that the original car system and the Android system could be switched freely.

Back then, the system was developed on the PX3 Quad-core board with Android 7.1, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM storage and a 12.1-inch vertical screen. Once the Infiniti Q50 android screen was developed, it was thoroughly tested for more than 3 months before being produced and sold in the market.

Second Generation MK2 Unit

Being a customer centric company, AuCar collects, stores and analyses customer feedback from existing customers and implements possible changes in upcoming models, hence providing an enhanced and up to date technology at the fingertips of their users. Aucar followed the same process to improve the first generation Infiniti Q50 android screen. All minor issues were fixed and new features were considered for the development of the second-generation head unit.

Infiniti Q50 Q50L Q60 Q60L MK2 android
Image: Second Gen MK2 Infiniti Q50 Q50L Q60 Q60L infotainment system

The research & development team worked on implementing user feedback. The second-generation MK2 Android infotainment system for Infiniti Q50 was developed (Image above) during December 2018. The second generation unit had improved aesthetics and minor issues from the first generation were fixed, such as no sound (in limited number of cars in some countries). Android 7.1 with a 12.1 inch was continued in the second generation as well.

Third Generation MK3 Unit

Continuous improvement is at the core of AuCar and the research team always experiments new technologies and ways to upgrade the existing units. The MK3 Infiniti Q50 android screen was also a result of these efforts (Image below). It featured a PX6 Hexa-core board a powerful processor and 4 GB of RAM accompanied by Android 9.0 OS, a larger 13.6-inch screen. The third-generation unit also saw the addition of Carplay™ and Android auto. The interface was improved based on customer feedback.

Image: Third Gen MK3 Infiniti Q50 Q50L Q60 Q60L infotainment system

Fourth Generation MK4 Unit

4G connectivity was one of the most demanded functions by customers. In order to support this functionality strongly, the engineering team suggested using an MTK board. In November of 2020 the fourth generation of the Infiniti Q50 MK4 was developed, the 4G function enabled the unit to function almost similar to a mobile phone.     

Image: Fourth Gen MK4 Infiniti Q50 Q50L Q60 Q60L infotainment system

Latest Fifth Generation MK5 Unit launched April 2021

By February 2021, the team was already working on the latest MK5 version of the unit, which would be more robust, fully feature packed and have enhanced functions. Over time the PX6 board was improved and its tested performance was apt for the fifth-generation Infiniti Q50 Android module integrated with Intouch also known and the MK5 version Infiniti Q50 android screen. The original system of the car is retained; Android™ OS is available with wireless Carplay™ function.

The unit comes with Android 9.0 OS, 4GB RAM and a choice of 32/64/128GB of ROM. The capacitive multi touch screen is extremely responsive and uses an IPS screen for HD resolution, the screen size is fairly large at 13.6 inches. The user interface is intuitive, efficient and user friendly, it is highly customizable and allows changing background pictures, customizing apps, controlling the air conditioning etc. The MK5 version of the head unit features an extremely stable Infiniti Intouch™ system. This unit is suitable for years 2013-2016.

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Infiniti Q50, Infiniti Q60, Infiniti Q50L, Infiniti Q60L, Infinit android screen, Infiniti android carplay, Infiniti Intouch
Image: Latest beautifully styled MK5 Fifth Gen Infiniti Q50 Q50L Q60 Q60L infotainment system with Android, Carplay and Intouch

Below is a video demonstration that will take you through the key functions of the Infiniti Q50 Android module integrated with Intouch including wireless Carplay by AuCar.

Video Demonstration of the latest MK5 Infiniti Q50 Infotainment unit by Aucar.

The development for the Infiniti Q50 head unit has come a long way and AuCar has directly spend over 3 years in advancing the unit and over a decade of engineering experience gathered in refining issues and implementing the changes, at the same time bringing the best in technology into one unit. The 5th Generation MK5 Infiniti Q50 android screen with Carplay is a testament to the rigorous efforts of AuCar engineers and is one of the most advanced infotainment systems for the Infiniti Q50 so far.    

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